What Is Indiana Vote by Mail?

Indiana Vote by Mail legislation will provide Hoosiers the freedom to vote from their home or at a polling site. Just imagine, no more long voting lines or rushing through after-work traffic to get to a polling site by 6 pm. Indiana Vote by Mail provides protection against fraud and hacking—protections above and beyond Indiana’s current election system, and Indiana Vote by Mail will save Indiana taxpayers an estimated $4.4 million dollars. We are a non-partisan organization.

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In our last non-presidential election, Indiana’s voter participation was only 28%, lower than any other state.

With the convenience of having ballots mailed to every Indiana registered voter, turnout is likely to double, as it has for every state that has already adopted vote by mail. With higher voter participation, legislative decisions will reflect the interests and values of the communities they represent.

How Does Vote by Mail Work?

Vote by mail saves money, simplifies elections, eliminates voting lines, and best of all, it increases voter participation.

  • Ballots are mailed to every registered voter prior to election.
  • Ballots are secure and trackable throughout the process.
  • Electronic scanning registers ballots, and verifies voter identification.
  • The process eliminates the possibility of ineligible voters, and anyone voting more than once.
  • Voters can still choose to vote at a polling site.

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